Conference Theme

Intelligent and Sustainable Future

Intelligence can be used in a wide variety of ways to manage environmental impacts and climate change such as clean sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, and advanced weather and disaster forecasting. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing impact on many industries require research into how it can be used to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Applications of AI can create a sustainable and eco-friendly future. AI is a promising tool for the production of new materials that help in building a sustainable environment. The sustainability of biological diversity is another very important problem since many animal species are extinct or endangered. Therefore, intelligence can be used to study animal behavior patterns. Soil pollution is another important problem today as population growth, intensive farming, and other activities increase day by day. Since food production is the key to sustain human life, we can maintain environmental sustainability by monitoring crops and soils and maximize the crop yields, while having less impact on the environment through AI-augmented agriculture. The excessive consumption of natural resources by humans has a detrimental effect on water resources. The level of garbage accumulating in the oceans is higher than ever before. Artificial intelligence tools should be used to ensure environmental sustainability. Artificial intelligence can be used in automated garbage collection vehicles; It can help solve problems such as illegal fishing and discharge of industrial wastewater into water bodies and illegal dumping of solid wastes into the seas. The use of intelligence for a livable future has become a necessity. A program focusing on intelligence and sustainability future, which is the theme of this year's INFUS 2023 conference, is foreseen. INFUS 2023 aims to bring together the latest theoretical and practical intelligent and fuzzy studies on sustainable future in order to create a discussion environment.