Final Upload Guidelines

This is a summary of the Springer_Guidelines_for_Authors_of_Proceedings containing the most important things to consider when doing the Final Upload of your manuscript.


We need all source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and EPS files, or Word or RTF files) and the final PDFs of all of the papers. Please note that we cannot accept Framemaker files. For LaTeX submissions, references are to be supplied as Bbl files to avoid omission of data during conversion from Bib to Bbl. The preferred bibliographic styles are MathPhySci (particularly for computer science) and Basic, see “References” section of Springer guidelines.


  • For LaTeX submissions:
    • final .tex sources
    • references as BBL file
    • images as separate files
    • special fonts, where necessary
  • For Word/Rtf submissions:
    • The Word/Rtf file
    • Images as separate files
  • A final PDF file corresponding exactly to the final source files.
  • A Copyright Form, signed by hand by the corresponding author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper.
  • A suggestion for an abbreviated running head, if appropriate.
  • Information about correct representation of authors’ names, where necessary.

The source files are to be placed in a ZIP archive and uploaded as “Source archive (ZIP)” in the OCS system.

Furthermore, the final PDF and the Copyright form must be uploaded respectively as “Paper document (PDF)” button and “Copyright Form” in the OCS system.

Please do not send any older versions of papers. There should be one set of source files and one pdf file per paper. Our typesetters require the author-created pdfs in order to check the proper representation of symbols, figures, etc.