INFUS Guidelines on Remote Conference Presentation

INFUS conferences have been requiring at least one of the authors to be present at the conference and give a talk in order for their paper to appear in the proceedings. We certainly prefer the presentations to be realized at the conference in order to maintain the interactive nature of the conferences.

  1. In the unusual circumstances where none of the authors could make it to the conference due to visa issues or illness, we are proud to offer remote conference presentations.
  2. Remote conference presentations can be in two ways: i) Live remote presentations, or ii) Recorded talks.
  3. The organizers of INFUS conferences facilitate technical support for participants to present their work and engage with the audience remotely.
  4. The chair appointed for INFUS 2020 Remote Conference Presentations is Dr. Onur Dogan ( and the co-chair is Dr. Berna Tektas ( They are in charge of facilitating remote presentations.
  5. The responsibilities of the remote presentation chair and co-chair include (1) setting up the web applications, (2) reviewing the applications, (3) Collecting the ppt files before the conference and timely live-connecting in the presentation program (4) collecting recorded talks by a predetermined deadline, and (4) coordinating with the A/V support and the session chairs in advance for sessions that include remote presentations.
  6. The authors will apply for remote presentation (for each paper separately) via a web application form submitted to the conference organizers by a deadline determined by the conference.
  7. To maintain the interactive nature of the conference, conference organizers may consider placing an upper bound on the total number of remote presentations allowed. The upper bound should not be too restrictive, keeping in mind the need to support authors who are struggling with major challenges such as visa restrictions, immediate death in family, major health issues, mobility issues, or other serious issues that impede traveling.
  8. At the same time, organizers should carefully examine the applications to allow remote presentations only when there is a compelling reason in order to maintain the interactive nature of the conferences.
  9. Another viable alternative is for the authors to send a speaker who is well aware of the work and can present the talk on behalf of the authors, which is the preferred option over recorded talks.
  10. The conference organizers will determine the viable options with respect to remote oral presentations. The organizers will consider different preparation requirements for each presentation mode.