Special Sessions

Researchers interested in organizing special sessions are kindly invited to submit formal proposals to INFUS 2021.  Please contact Prof Cengiz Kahraman.

A special session proposal should include:

  • Session title 
  • Brief description of the scope and motivation 
  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Brief biographical information of the organizers

The template for proposal submission is available here in DOC and PDF formats. 
All papers accepted for Special Sessions will be included in the INFUS 2021 proceedings. 

The authors are required to submit their papers to a Special Session following the steps below: 

  • Submission by INFUS 2021 EasyChair Account indicating the name or the number of the Special Session (in the title of your paper). 
  • Inform the Special Session Chairs about your submission including the title of paper, author list and affiliation, and the corresponding author. 

The session chairs are responsible for the review process of the papers submitted to their sessions via the Easychair. These papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. The accepted papers and Review reports must be submitted to the conference committee.

 You can apply to chair one of the following special sessions or you can propose a new title:

  1. Title: Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  2. Title: Special Session on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision Making: Theory and Applications
  3. Title: Special Session on Decision Analytics with Data-driven Modelling and Evidential Reasoning
  4. Title: Special Session on Data-Driven Decision Making with Uncertainty
  5. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy Extensions and Its Application on Decision Making
  6. Title: Special Session on Applied Computational Intelligence
  7. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Approaches in Data Mining and Text Retrieval: Theories and Applications
  8. Title: Special Session on Data Science on Health and Social Sciences
  9. Title: Special Session on Intelligent Systems for Risk Analysis under Uncertainties
  10. Title: Special Session on Intelligent Techniques in Engineering  Management   Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ozlem Senvar
  11. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Methods in Image and Dynamic Data Processing
  12. Title: Special Session on Real-World Applications of Big Data and Business Analytics Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ozlem Senvar 
  13. Title: Special Session on Advanced Intelligent Control and Automation: Theories and Applications
  14. Title: Special Session on Computational Intelligence in Database and Information Retrieval Systems
  15. Title: Special Session on Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems in Business and Economics
  16. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy methods in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  17. Title: Special Session on Theory and Applications of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
  18. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy graphs and discrete models
  19. Title: Special Session on Evolving and adaptive fuzzy models for data streams
  20. Title: Special Session on Aggregation functions: recent trends and developments, and applications  
  21. Title: Special Session on Soft Models in Probability and Statistics
  22. Title: Special Session on Perspectives and challenges in data aggregation
  23. Title: Special Session on Soft Social Computing and Network Science
  24. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy transforms: theory and applications to data analysis and image processing
  25. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Techniques in Image Processing
  26. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy dynamical systems
  27. Title: Special Session on Intelligent systems and Decision making in Smart Farming
  28. Title: Special Session on Energy optimization for production systems in industry 4.0
  29. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Approaches in Data Mining and Text Retrieval
  30. Title: Special Session on  Soft Computing on the Web
  31. Title: Special Session on Data-Driven Decision Making with Uncertainty
  32. Title: Special Session on Decision Analytics with Data-driven Modelling and Evidential Reasoning -
  33. Title: Special Session on Genetic Programming (GP) Applications in Engineering
  34. Title: Special Session on Intelligent Solution Methods for Supply Chain Problem
  35. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy Sets Application in Defense Industry
  36. Title: Special Session on Soft Models in Probability and Statistics
  37. Title: Fuzzy Reactive Computational Intelligence: Theory and Application Click Here for CFP    
  38. Title: Special Session on Data Mining