Prof. Vicenc Torra

Vicenç Torra is currently a professor at Umeå University (Sweden). He is an IEEE and EurAI Fellow. He has written several books including "Modeling decisions" (with Y. Narukawa, Springer, 2007), "Data Privacy" (Springer, 2017), and "Scala: from a functional programming perspective" (Springer, 2017), and edited several books including "Data science in practice" (with A. Said, Springer, 2019) and "Non-additive measures: theory and applications" (with Y. Narukawa and M. Sugeno, Springer, 2014).


His fields of interests include approximate reasoning (fuzzy sets, fuzzy measures/non-additive measures and integrals), decision making, aggregation and integration, data privacy, and machine learning. He regularly participates in program committees in the areas of approximate reasoning and data privacy, and is member of several editorial boards including Transactions on Data Privacy (founder and editor), Fuzzy Sets and Systems, and Progress in Artificial Intelligence. He started in 2004 the annual conference series Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence (MDAI). His web page is: