As everybody is aware of the coronavirus, interactive conferences anymore involve a serious risk for this virus to spread among the participants. Besides, due to the restrictions imposed by European governments and others around the world, many participants will not be able to participate to INFUS 2020.

INFUS 2020 Conference management has already announced that Remote Conference Presentations were possible. Unfortunately, at the point reached, it was decided to hold the entire conference with remote presentations. We cannot allow this deadly virus to spread further due to our conference and we cannot take this responsibility.

For this reason, the following decisions will be applied at INFUS 2020:

  1. The full paper submission deadline is still April 15, 2020. The submitted papers will be reviewed and those needing corrections will be resent to their authors. After all papers are finally corrected, the INFUS 2020 proceedings will be published by Springer, indexed by SCOPUS, DBLP, Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar and other indexers.
  2. All oral presentations will be made through remote conference presentations using the system provided by the conference committee. The authors can also present their papers via recorded videos if they do not have any real time access to our system. Recorded videos must be submitted to us by June 1, 2020.
  3. Early registration deadline is postponed to April 25, 2020 whereas late registration deadline is May 1, 2020. Submission date of the whole manuscript to Springer is May 15, 2020.
  4. Since there will be no cost for conference bags and meals in this case, a reduction in registration fees was planned and it was decided to apply as follows. Early registration fee for regular participants is now €150 whereas it is €120 for student participants. These fees should be sent by Mail Order Forms given on Conference Registration Page.
  5. There are already submitted Mail Order Forms by some authors. The registration fees indicated in Item 4 will be applied to those submitted forms. Hence, they do not need to refill in and resubmit them.
  6. Our invited speakers will make their speeches through real time Remote Conference Presentations and will answer your questions.

We hope that a vaccine against this deadly virus will be developed as soon as possible and we wish to meet you at the next INFUS 2021 conference.

Best regards,
Prof. Cengiz Kahraman